Thursday, March 13, 2003

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Wednesday, March 12, 2003

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Monday, March 10, 2003

Archive for 015402BAED on Mar 11, 2003
MARK COTTER has entered. [ 10:53:33 AM ]
MARK COTTER has left. [ 10:53:48 AM ]

Terrence Farley has entered. [ 11:38:13 AM ]
MARK COTTER has entered. [ 11:38:16 AM ]
Terrence Farley > I am here
MARK COTTER > hi.. yep here aswell..
MARK COTTER browsed to
MARK COTTER > just loading up the page now..
Terrence Farley > OK i went to blogger and my name is so i posted a note what happens now?
MARK COTTER > doesn't look like it is going to load properly..what a bummer
MARK COTTER > you can click on view web page and you will be able to see it on the net.
Terrence Farley > i am on the page that says add team memebers
MARK COTTER > for the assessmnet .. you have 2 options.. 1 you can keep it private .. or you can add anne.bartlett-bragg as a member.. this way she will be able to assess your work.
MARK COTTER > you will then receive 5% .. the other 5% you are required to sign up for atleast 2 e-Zines and 2 e-Newsletters ..
Terrence Farley > i went public how do i invite her to view my page...and waht do i do on the page......
Terrence Farley > WHAT not waht
MARK COTTER browsed to
MARK COTTER > you can view my web page that I have created at
MARK COTTER > you can see that I have invited Anne to join my personal blog..
MARK COTTER > see how I added confirmation that I joined e-Zines and e-Newsgroups.. this is all part of the assessment.
MARK COTTER > I added some links to online courses.. in module 3 you have to complete an e-learning course and write 2500 words .. basically evaluate it.
Terrence Farley > yes it looks great ....where exactly on the blogger site do you create a page...and what is anne's address to invite her or did you link back to UTS online?...thanks for helping me...I am up at UTS in the Lab
MARK COTTER > no worries..
MARK COTTER browsed to
MARK COTTER > once you have created a user.. which I think you have.. you then have to log in.. then create a new blog
Terrence Farley > can you wait while i do that
MARK COTTER > you then have to select post and publish to convert what you have typed into html and post it to your personal blog web page..
MARK COTTER > ok.. i have plenty of time..
Terrence Farley > back...i have posted a meaage...but i cannot view it to see what it looks that right?
MARK COTTER > you can .. just look on the left hand side of the page and click on "view web page".. it will load your personal blog.
Terrence Farley > stand by
MARK COTTER > I have set up a group blog called speedforce3000... I will include everyone in our group.. what's you e-mail address..
MARK COTTER > standing by
Terrence Farley >
Terrence Farley > How did you add links on your web page TAB etc
Terrence Farley > I will now try and add speedforce3000 to my team on blogger
MARK COTTER > It's a bit tricky.. but it can be done.. I clicked on the "Template Icon" and then manually changed the html code..
Terrence Farley > i sent you an inviation ...did you get it/
Terrence Farley > i went into the template menu.......when i view my web page it looks nothing like yours .....mine is small......
MARK COTTER > yep.. I accepted it.. but it is not neccessary..
MARK COTTER > I have set up the group blog and asked you to join.. I will then get everyone elses e-mail addresses and invitethem to join aswell.
MARK COTTER > it all depends on the template that you accepted during the initial process.. there were many different templates to choose from.. maybe I chose a different Template.
MARK COTTER browsed to
Terrence Farley > how do i get Anne to view my page?
MARK COTTER > you can send her an e-mail or you can invite her to join you personal blogg as a 'Team Member'
MARK COTTER > You can post it on the discussion board on uts online.
Terrence Farley has entered. [ 12:17:21 PM ]
MARK COTTER > Where did you go ?
Terrence Farley has left. [ 12:17:53 PM ]
Terrence Farley > got lost in cyber space
MARK COTTER > Ok.. anyway.. I need a break.. I want to go to the bank and see a few people before Uni .. do you have any more questions.
Terrence Farley > ok that will do me for today...i am going computer crazy....see you tonight......have a good day.....
MARK COTTER > Ok.. I'll catch you tonight..
MARK COTTER has left. [ 12:19:36 PM ]
Terrence Farley has left. [ 12:19:36 PM ]

I decided to post this archive onto my Blog..

It is an interactive online e-Learning session that I had with Terry..
This is a classic example of SYNCHRONOUS LEARNING.

The assessmnet of this e-Learning session will occur when Terry starts using Blogger
by himself.
Hi Mark!
Thanks for the invitation to join your blog - welcome to the world of Bloggers!
Looks like you're powering through your tasks - it might be useful for you to reflect at the end of each week - what you know now about e-Learning that you didn't know before?
This week I've learned that managing a team for project design & development of e-Learning products is seriously challenging!
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Sunday, March 09, 2003

Hi. Welcome to SEEK eNews, a monthly email newsletter sent to people registered with, Australia's #1 job search and career development website.

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This will be my last blog today.

Here are some online training courses that I think are revelent.

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Hi Mark,

Thanks for signing up with Blogger. As you probably know by now, Blogger is a free, web-based tool that helps you publish to the web instantly.
The lag is painfull
I have discovered that you can code basic HTML in your Blog so therefore you can include links.. I haven't found out if you can upload pictures and files yet..

This will be easier to view my pages.

To include a link into your person blog you must manually type in the HTML code.

I wasn't happy with the time being displayed incorrectly so I decided to change it.

This can be done in the Settings..I chose GMT + 11 which 1 hour post Brisbane time.. When daylight savings ends I will change it back.

My goal is to keep on blogging ..