Friday, March 21, 2003

Today I received my first e-mail from one of my subscribed e-Newsletters. It was from Kevin Kruse.

The focus of the e-Newsletter was the "War on Iraq"..

How will this war affect the Learning environment ?

The main fact that was mentioned was that a large number of Training
companies would reduce International airline travel and would consider
e-Learning options. (Video conferencing was the main tool mentioned.)

Before I enrolled in this subject I went to an e-Learning conference hosted by Factiva
at the Convention Centre, Darling Harbour. The lecturer was Anne Caputo from the
United States.

I wonder if she would still travel to Australia now. I wonder what sort
of e-Learning method she would use to deliver the same conference.

Very interesting..

I don't believe that the War on Iraq will last too long.

I also believe that e-Learning will gain in popularity from the War and it will be interesting
to see if this popularity will continue.

That's all folks.

Monday, March 17, 2003

Last night I spent some time trying to FTP to this web site.. I wanted to upload a picture to see if it was possible..

After a while I decided to check out the Help pages of Blogger.Com. Anyway, after a couple of hours I eventually
found out that you need to a member of Blogger Pro to FTP. Blogger Pro costs about $35 US per year. I'll give it a miss this time.

I've been a bit slack this week.. I've been working the night shift and I've been finding it hard to get motivated. This leads me to
start thinking about motivation in the e-Learning environment.

When you first start setting up an e-Learning project you must consider MOTIVATION.

Inorder for the prospective students to actually achieve learning then they must be motivated.
So, it is vital for the facilitator to make your site INTERESTING. I know from personel experience that
it is extremely hard to maintain a high level of motivation while sitting at a computer screen.

In my next e-Learning project I will definitely consider short, modular and interactive web pages that will
become an enjoyable experience for the learner..

Modular courses are beneficial for both the student and also the developer. The developer can design the course
in short stages rather than spending large amounts of time writing streams of HTML code and the student can complete the course
in segments. The student can maintain MOTIVATION and ATTENTION and therefore is more likely to learn.

Sunday, March 16, 2003

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