Friday, April 04, 2003

Useful web pages for choosing an online course.


I will probably either complete a smartforce training course or a course from IBM.

I am prepared to pay for the couse as long as I can see a real benefit for my work career. I should be able to claim
a tax deduction for further education.
Module 3:

Practical e-Learning course notes :

* empathy
* free
* Complete only once.
* Topic : Unix or Html : relevent to work.
* Read up on virtual learning .
* use the blog as a guide to document problems / issues / experience while you take the course.
* State the desired goals of the course.
* What are your expectations.
* Refer questions in reader before starting course.
* Complete the course regardless of problems.
* Evaluate the course..ref page 129.
* Interaction .. synchronous or asynchronous.
* Feedback. - personal or computer generated.
* content - catering for different learning styles.. content up to date .. interaction (practice) jargon..
* Real facilitator..
* Navigation / ease of use / learner focused.
* FAQ and help pages set up / learner support.
* Colour layout .

Tip : Record everything as you do the course ..

I think I might complete a course that will be relevent to work.