Friday, May 16, 2003

Future of e-Learning :

Knowledge Objects :
IT database of knowledge.
Knowledge management.

Knowledge management are highjacking knowledge learning.

Wireless education ..

Elliot Massey - Future technology enhancements.
Zed learning.

Hand Held mini computer .. Learning all the time.

Referencing must be accurate.
Video Conferrencing..

a) Incredible amount of planning.
b) Script.
c) Practice it or reherse.
d) Deliver it.

Watched a 5 minute video on Video Conferrencing.

using technology ..

When has the meeting started.
knowledge of technology.
Maximising the potential of the future student :

More structured than a classroom..
More planning is involved in online education.

Future issues in e-Learning :

The SARS virus.. people are not travelling to training ..
A huge increase in e-Learning .. synchronous.
More people are becomming aware of the technology ..This is a positive.. more companies are producing better technology to make it easier to use. More students .. more teachers.. more freedom..
Unplanned training sessions are a downside.

The role of the Learner in the on-line learning process

The learner must be more self directed and motivated.
Take responsibility for their own learning.

Reference :

Debate about face values and judgements made when you first meet.

Future e-learning trends.

In text referencing is very important. Make sure that in the next assignment

Interaction.. java applett… gaming technology .. special effects.

Plan the e-Learning project just as if it is a normal training program.
Prove runs on the board.

Identify competencies and relate these competencies to an e-learning environment.

What skills will be required .. html .. communication skills.

Mult skilled hr representatives.

Include IT section.
Gain support from management.
Users.. IT people. Informal Project team.
Create e-Learning programs.. modular … interaction… assessment.. simulations.. real world practice..

Education principals.. empowerement.. get learning principals back into e-Learning..
Instructional design.. more thought into e-Learning modules.

Learning theory .. pedagogical e-Learning theory.

Learning styles.. are important in an online environment and must be considered.

Blended Learning.. simulation training .. knowledge … practical skill learning..

Increase efficiency.. cut down course costs and time in the classroom by teaching text based knowledge in an online envionment.

Learn to learn in an e-Learning environment.

Introvert.. highly motivated.. students..

A greater understanding of the student’s learning style and also their needs.
When do they get board and tune out is important.

Assessment : quote by anne caputo.. without assessment you have entertainment.

Who ae successful :

Mature age students..
Highly motivated students.
Introverted students who learn how to contribute to an online e-Learning

Jillie Salmon
e-moderation for asynchronous e-Learning communication